Prayer for Bishop Wallace and the OCC Family.


1. Bless Bishop Charles E. Wallace with a greater anointing as he operates in the office of Bishop and to give him unorthodox ways and ideas to seek and save the lost, hurt and disconnected. 

2. Bring resources to the hands of Bishop Wallace and Oasis Christian Church for the healing, deliverance, salvation, restoration and prosperity of God's people. 


3. Bless and protect Bishop and Mrs. Wallace, their children and their grandchildren; the members, visitors and supporters of OCC and their families from all the works of satan. 

4. Anoint every church service and to let His (God's) presence to be made manifest at every service at OCC. 

5. Rain down fresh ideas and anointing upon all those working in ministry.

6. Bless the congregation with wisdom, knowledge and 

7. Restore and revive family relationships especially husband and 
wives, parents and children, siblings and extended family for God's purposes to be fulfilled in their lives. 

8. Give every member and visitor of OCC a heart after God and for
them to experience God encounters in their daily lives. 

9. Give every OCC member and visitor a strong desire, thirst and yearning to serve God, worship God and praise Him at church, at home and in their personal lives. 

10. Draw the lost, hurting and disconnected people from the north, south, east and west to Christ and for them to be saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. 

11. Bless the members, volunteers, and staff of OCC and bind them
together in God in unity. Ask God to root out everything that is not of Him and place all members, volunteers, and staff on one accord with a spirit of love, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, etc. 

12. Break up every stronghold, every hint of confusion, mess, negative attitudes, territorialism and the like. 

13. Rain down resources to OCC and its members. 

14. Bind every demonic spirit walking about seeking whom these 
demon spirits can devour. Bind the spirits of hard-heartedness, gossiping, backbiting, deceitfulness, rebellion against authority hostility, anger, unfriendliness, meanness, laziness, lying, rudeness, moodiness, uncooperativeness (working only when you feel like it), cliques, arrogance, overbearingness, pride, suicide, every work of the flesh, gluttony, poverty, separatism, know-it-all, and the like. (Ministry can never reach its fullest potential until all demon spirits are bound in the name of Jesus out of the hearts of believers, young and old.) 

15. Bind up all forms of negativity, mess, bad attitudes, poor decision
making and confusion out of ministry and give everyone a single heart of unity and for everyone to walk in and show forth the fruit of the spirit in their lives (Galatians 5:22-23). 

16. Send volunteers who have a heart after God and a spirit and mind
to work hard for Him. 

17. Heal the sick of OCC and their families in their mind, body, soul, 
spirit, and finances. 

18. Place a hedge of protection around those serving in Iraq and other
war or danger zones.

We ask all these things in the name of Jesus! 

Pray as the Holy Spirit leads you so that God can move as He pleases
at all times in service and out.