The History of Oasis Christian Church

In 1989, Reverend Charles E. Wallace accepted an invitation to deliver the message at Sweet Home Baptist Church. It was located at 1608 North 32nd Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 


History of Sweet Home Baptist Church

 Sweet Home Baptist Church was founded by Reverend H.P. Greene in 1962. It had fourteen members who met at a home. The congregation later moved to a building on North 43rd Street and later relocated to a building on North 32nd Street. That building was destroyed by fire and a new church was built in the same location – 1608 North 32nd Street. At the time Reverend Wallace was asked to bring the message at Sweet Home, Reverend Greene was unable to fulfill his duties as pastor due to illness. Reverend Wallace continued to bring the message every Sunday from that point.  


 On January 14, 1990, Reverend Charles E. Wallace was installed as Pastor of Sweet Home Baptist Church. The church had approximately 16 active members. Pastor Wallace taught and preached the Word of God while working diligently with the congregation to bring about change. With much teaching and prayer, the members began to tithe and offer. Consequently, the congregation’s faith grew, finances increased and the $17,000 mortgage on the building was paid in full four (4) years early.


Oasis Christian Church Becomes a Reality

 In 1993, Reverend Wallace (now known as Bishop Wallace) was reminded by the Holy Spirit that God had given him a name for a church before he became a pastor. Bishop Wallace told the members of Sweet Home Baptist Church that God revealed to him that he would pastor a church called “Oasis Christian Center” (now known as Oasis Christian Church).


 Church growth was at an all-time high and it became necessary to hold three (3) worship services each Sunday due to the size of the building. Oasis Christian Center had reached a membership of 200 members. It was time to purchase a larger facility. 


 In 1998, Oasis Christian Center purchased a facility at 4524 East Brookstown Drive.  Worship services were held every Sunday at 9:00 am and Bible Study on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm.

 In 2001, the Oasis changed its name from “Oasis Christian Center” to “Oasis Christian Church”. God also gave the vision and provisions to begin a television outreach ministry. Oasis Christian Church began to be viewed on cable and local television stations four (4) times per week.

 In 2003, Oasis Christian Church began having two Sunday morning worship services; 8:00 am and 10:30 am. In that same year the “Debt Free in 2003, Do More in 2004” pledge campaign began. Its mission was to pay off all church debt in 2003 and prepare to build a new multi-purpose building in 2004. Members and visitors made pledges and fulfilled almost all pledges during that year. In June of the following year Oasis Christian Church purchased two pieces of property adjacent to the church for its expansion.


 Also in 2004, Oasis Christian Church purchased a third piece of property adjacent to the church property. The mortgage was paid in full in June, 2004 (six years early) and Note Burning Service was held July 11, 2004. Ground- breaking for the new multi-purpose facility was held in August of that same year. Oasis Christian Church had approximately 700 members. Its foundation scripture is “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” – II Corinthians 5:7