Christian Church

Ministry of Helps

No matter your stage or season of life, we want you and your family to join us! Your family is always welcome here at Oasis.

  • Audio (Sound Ministry)

    Leader: Brother Kirkland BowiE

    Oasis Christian Church Audio Ministry aids the congregation in building their relationship and knowledge of God by having the sound equipment working properly  to ensure the production of quality tapes, CD’s and DVD’s which are made available in OCC's Bookstore.

  • Armor Bearers MinistRy

    Leader: Brother Derrick Toussaint

    Armor Bearers aid the pastor and First Lady, providing assistance before, during and after service.  They provide assistance on some missionary outreaches.  This ministry of helps worker is appointed by the Pastor.

  • Deacon & Deaconess

    Leaders:  Brother Maxwell Segue & Sister Velma Thomas

    Our Deacon & Deaconesses Ministry is an extension of the Pastor, providing assistance in the ministry and aid in the care of the people to fulfill the vision.

  • Divine Guidance

    Leader:  Teressa Calligan

    Divine Guidance (DG) is a Mentorship program that promotes a positive social atmosphere and builds relationships with our local teens. This program is designed to bridge the gap in our youth lives by aligning them with a personal mentor who will guide them to the knowledge of Christ. DG Mentors will motivate our youth, ages 12 to 18, and help them learn more about their Savior and become stronger in God’s Word. Therefore, setting their foundation to keep them connected with a local church.     

    The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. 
    2 Corinthians 10:4-7       

  • First Responders

    Leader: Sis. Terry Robillard

    If you have experience an illness, hospitalization or have had a loss of a loved one and you want your church family to know, we can stand in agreement with you. As a member of Oasis Christian Church you will be prayed for and encouraged.  We want all of our Oasis Family to know that Bishop Wallace and the O.C.C. church is concerned and love them. We want the compassion of Jesus Christ to be experienced by any member in their time of personal crisis or emergency.

  • Growing In Grace

    Growing In Grace (started in August 2018) is a ministry currently designed for connected members of Oasis Christian Church ages 65 years and above. Growing In Grace provides a safe environment for senior citizens, who we like to refer to as "Seasoned Citizens",  to gather and fellowship.  

  • Health Empowerment Ministry

    Leader: Sister Felisa Carpenter

    Oasis Christian Church Health Empowerment Ministry is a volunteer based ministry that provides professional services to the people at Oasis Christian church during services and special events in case of medical emergencies. Medically trained workers are available to monitor various medical conditions.

  • Hospitality Ministry

    Leaders: Sister Judy Braggs/Minister Yvonne Lewis

    The Hospitality Ministry is responsible for providing "hospitality" by preparing or cooking and serving food for Oasis guests and for special events.

  • Marriage Enrichment

    Leaders: Ministers Tony & Kim Dargin

    The purpose of this ministry is to guide couples into the key biblical passages on the subject of marriage.  We are called the bride of Christ, as Christ relates to his relationship to the church, as one of being married.  We will study what the Bible says the relationship between the husband and the wife and the family.  God's plan for man and woman is for them to marry and stay together.  Our desire should always be to seek God and His way of doing things.                         

    Key Scriptures:  Mark 10:6-9; Matthew 6:33


  • Media Ministry

    Leader: Sister Kim Golden

    Oasis Christian Church Television Ministry operates the cameras to produce television videos for live and pre-recorded broadcast to be viewed on local and national television stations as well as Live Streaming at www.occbr.org

  • Ministerial Staff

    Oasis Christian Church In House Ministers help to aid and assist with all services held at Oasis Christian Church.

  • Music Ministry

    DIRECTOR OF MUSIC:  Minister Avis Marie Bickham

    OCC Praise Team

    Is a combination of praise and worship leaders who magnify the name of Jesus. This ministry is small in number but mighty in their praise. As a member of this ministry, we believe in shouting unto the Lord with a bold voice. 


    Male Chorus

    A combination of males from the OCC congregation who desire to sing occasionally. 


    • Age 18 and up
    • Member of Oasis Christian Church Completion of Foundation and Perfecting Classes
    • Available to consistently attend rehearsals on Thursdays (leading up to the 5th Sunday). 

    Young Adult Praise Team

    Youth Choir/Praisers

    We're training a group of young people ages 3-18 to become praisers that will lift up the name of Jesus.  Rehearsals are held on 1st and 3rd Sundays, following Sunday Morning Worship services.
  • "Rooted" Young adult ministry

    Leader: brother Reed Preston

    "Rooted" is a group of young adults ages 18-25 that fellowship together outside of the church walls.  We travel out for fun, serve our community, discuss life issues, celebrate together, and find the answers to help each other grow into successful adults.


  • women without walls

    Minister Catherine Porter

    Women Without Walls is a ministry of Kingdom women working together in unity to fulfill the call of God and to help build up, strengthen and encourage women regardless of race, denomination, and religious differences.  Women Without Walls mission is to bring souls into the Kingdom of God through the teaching of God's Word through fellowships, prayer brunches, workshops, conferences, and

    community outreaches. 

  • Youth Ministry

    Ministers Tony & Kim Dargin

    Our goal is to give children (walking toddlers - age 18) a lasting impression of their loving heavenly Father and His love for them.  We engage in activities, crafts, Bible stories, and a time of worship to help every child learn important truths.  

    Youth Church is held on 2nd and 4th Sundays, children can be checked in the front foyer of Oasis Christian Youth Church. Ages will enjoy and participate the praise and worship segment in the Oasis Christian Church Main Sanctuary and then after the offering they will be escorted by a youth volunteer over to Oasis Christian Youth Church and attend classes designed for their age group. Please alert the volunteer when you check in your child if they have any allergy or dietary restrictions. 

    The staff and volunteers are all required to have a background check. These committed people provide safe, quality care for your infants and children.